$25 Off Travel Insurance In October

15th Oct 2012 Travel News

If you can't afford travel insurance you can't afford to travel. Remember that old chestnut? It sounds a bit doom and gloom but unfortunately it's also very true. Like with most insurance, it can sometimes seem like a bit of a waste. That is until you need it.

Considering you've already outlaid for your holiday, it'd be a shame if something went wrong and you wasted all that money at the doctors or, worse still, in hospital. No matter how careful a traveller you are, sometimes things happen. You could get Bali belly or maybe dislocate a hip trying to do the hula, perhaps you dropped your camera in the water trying to get that money shot (it's ok, it happens).

Whatever holiday hiccup affects your time away, travel insurance makes sure that you're not out of pocket. Which means if your luggage is stolen or missing, leaving you with no clothes or underwear (awkward) as well as your beloved valuables like your iPad, camera or even cash, you're covered (literally).

As the cost of living continues to rise, we know that finding ways to save money is important. If you're lucky you, won't actually have to use your travel insurance so to complement our already great value packages, we're offering $25 off all travel insurance bookings for the month of October.

That's right, straight out of our pocket and back into yours, any booking that includes travel insurance will receive a discount of $25. You'll still be completely covered for all eventualities, all you have to do is include travel insurance on your quote and your personal travel consultant will apply a saving of $25.

No fancy codes. No conditions. Just a saving of $25 on all bookings including travel insurance until the 31 October. Simple really. Now go forth and enjoy your holiday hassle free. But please, try not put your back out doing the limbo.