Hanmer Springs Holidays & Travel Guide

Located 130km northwest of Christchurch, Hanmer Springs is a charming township at the base of Conical Hill. Situated just off State Highway 7, the picturesque alpine village of Hanmer Springs is a popular place to visit for those travelling between Christchurch and the West Coast along Lewis Pass. Hanmer Springs holidays are known for their stunning landscape, crisp alpine air and award winning natural thermal pools.

This Hanmer Springs travel guide is designed to help you make the most of this scenic holiday destination ideal for those who want to kick back and relax. However there is also an exciting range of adventure activities for those who like to get their heart pumping including hunting, jet boating and bungy jumping. Of course if you're here for the relaxed way of life, there are plenty of leisure options including golf, farm parks, world class cafes and restaurants and of course those therapeutic thermal pools.


Hanmer Springs Accommodation

Hanmer Springs accommodation offers a huge variety of options designed to suit all budgets and travellers. With stays ranging from 3 star comfort to 5 star luxury and everything in between, there's plenty to choose from regardless of whether you're looking for something affordable or are happy to splash out. Visitors can choose from cosy motels to modern hotels, spacious self-catering apartments, boutique resorts, charming bed and breakfasts and full service international chains. Conveniently close to a variety of local shopping and dining options, Hanmer Springs accommodation also enjoys easy access to some of the region's most popular activities and attractions.

Hanmer Springs Attractions

The alpine village of Hanmer Springs is a popular holiday destination year round offering a variety of relxation, indulgence and adventure attractions. Surrounded by striking landscape featuring towering forests and majestic mountains, the main street offers a variety of cafes, eateries and boutique shopping. If you're up for a bit of adventure, immerse yourself in jet boating, skiing and bungy jumping however to soak up the region's wild beauty you can enjoy horse trekking, hiking and mountain biking. However the most famous Hanmer Springs attractions is the iconic thermal pools and spa, naturally heated mineral filled waters offering a relaxing soak as well as a number of indulgent spa therapies. There's even a water playgrounf offering family fun complete with hydroslides and the Super Bowl, the only aquatic thrill ride in New Zealand.

Hanmer Springs Facts

Hanmer Springs features almost 40km of biking tracks and more than 55km of walking tracks. The thermal pools of Hanmer Springs have been open to the public for over 125 years, with roughly 520,000 visitors each year. A bore located within the complex draws water from as deep as 28m where its temperature sits at around 52 degrees Celsius. The heat is ten extracted through a series of exchangers which maintain the water in the pools at a comfortable temperature between 32 degrees Celsius and 42 degrees Celsius.

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