Getting to Wollongong

Getting to Wollongong is easy and the quickest route is from Sydney along MetRoad 1 to the Princes Highway. About an hour's drive, you'll enter Wollongong just before the freeway begins. From here it's just 20 more minutes to the CBD of Wollongong. Of course during morning and afternoon peak times this can take longer as you'll share the road with commuters. If you have more time, the Bulli Pass offers a scenic route along the Northern Beaches of Wollongong, following an escarpment off the end of the freeway. Adding just 10 minutes to the trip, the exit is well sign-posted and worth it for the views.

If you're feeling particularly leisurely in making your way there, the Grand Pacific Drive is the most picturesque way to get from Sydney to Wollongong. Taking the Helensburgh exit off the freeway continue on through Stanwell Park and follow the well-signed coastline to Wollongong. Situated between Scarbourough and Coalcliff, the Sea Cliff Bridge is the definite highlight of this route. However if you're travelling from Brisbane (11 hours), Canberra (2.5 hours) or Melbourne (8 hours) you'll need to follow the Pacific Highway, Illawarra Highway or Picton Road south to Sydney before continuing on to Wollongong.

There are train services that operate every hour between Wollongong and Sydney on the South Coast Cityrail line. The 90 minute trip offers scenic views of the rainforest and ocean as it passes through the Royal National Park. If you're planning on flying to Wollongong, the closest airport is Sydney Airport which is serviced by regular domestic and international flights. The airport is connected to Wollongong by short rail and road services as well as a number of shuttle buses that offer door to door service. There is also an airport in the Illawarra region 20 minutes south of the downtown Wollongong, however the Illawarra Regional Airport, also known as the Wollongong Aerodrome, is only for general aviation and charter flights.