Getting to Kiama

Getting to Kiama is easy thanks to its proximity to Sydney and surrounds. There are a number of major highways which connect Kiama to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and even cities further north such as Brisbane. There are also a number of excellent train and bus services that operate between Kiama and Sydney. Situated just one and a half hours from Sydney, Kiama is also just two and a half hours from Canberra, two hours and fifteen minutes from the Blue Mountains, 30 minutes from the Southern Highlands, just under an hour from Jervis Bay, approximately 30 minutes from Wollongong and two hours from Batemans Bay.

For those arriving from Sydney and its surrounds, follow the Princes Highway south to Kiama. If you plan on driving from Canberra, the Hume Highway travels northeast to Kiama. For those visiting from cities further north such as Queensland, the Pacific Highway traverses the east coast before connecting with the Princes Highway to Kiama. The drive from Queensland takes about eleven and a half hours and it's important to remember to stop every two hours or so to stretch your legs and avoid driver fatigue.

Train services also run regularly to Kiama from Sydney, offering a relaxing way to sit back and take in some of Australia's most scenic coastline. An affordable option for travelling to Kiama, especially from Sydney, these rail services operate on a regular timetable. There are also a number of coach services which operate to and from Kiama, Sydney and Melbourne. Travelling along the Princes Highway, Premier Motor Service and Greyhound Australia both offer regular services to Kiama, offering an easy and affordable way to travel without having to worry about navigating.

There are also a number of local transport services within Kiama that operate services to nearby Gerringong, Jamberoo, Gerro, Shell Harbour, Nowra and Kiama Downs including Kiama Coachlines, Premier Illawarra, Kiama Cabs and Cityrail.