Penang Holidays

Located in Malaysia, Penang is both a state and a nearby island on the Malaysia peninsula's northwest coast in the Strait of Malacca. Malaysia's second smallest state, Penang is still a very popular tourist destination. Penang holidays are particularly popular during winter and early spring, with the region's tropical climate and monsoon season also seeing an influx of visitors. Penang's capital, George Town, is also a popular tourist attraction in its own right as it is home to a number of colonial houses, with some said to be over 100 years old. Although not quite in their former glory, these architectural gems are still a sight to see on Penang holidays.


With tourist trade on the rise in Penang, accommodation is also growing in numbers. George Town is home to a wide range of accommodation options that cater for budget conscious travellers and families while large, international resorts are also scattered throughout Penang. The beautiful Batu Ferringhi beaches also offer a great range of accommodation options for Penang holidays. No matter your budget or interests, there's an accommodation option to suit you.

Penang Packages

One of the most convenient and affordable ways to plan and book Penang holidays are with discount Penang packages, designed to not only save you time and money but to make booking a breeze as well. Combining everything from flights, accommodation and insurance to transfers, tours, activities and more, these Penang packages take in the beauty of the Batu Ferringhi beaches, the spectacular colonial architecture and heritage of George Town and much more.

Flights to Penang

Penang is serviced by a number of international air carries including Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Jetstar, Qantas, Tiger Airways and Virgin Australia. Although there are no direct flights available from Australia to Penang, the above airlines combine to offer Penang flights from Darwin, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth via Kuala Lumpur and/or Singapore.


Penang gets its name from the Malaysian areca nut, known as Palau Pinang. Aside from tourism, the primary industries of Penang are manufacturing and banking. Once a colonial city, modern Penang is home to strong industrial activities that support the Malaysian economy. Renowned for its low cost resources and labour, Penang is a popular base for electronic, IT and automobile industries. As such, travel to Penang has come strategically significant, however Penang holidays still remain a large part of traffic into Penang.