Mackay Attractions

Imagine the excitement of heading off from Mackay, Australia, on a Jet Ski safari along the tropical coast. Or if this is just a trifle too energetic, boarding a launch or flight to the famous Brampton Island Resort.

Mackay holidays mean both these options and a whole lot more. You can relax on the Mackay beaches or unwind with a walk through the Mackay rainforests, take in some local culture at museums and galleries, or spend from your holiday budget at Mackay markets and lively shopping hotspots.

After all that, the great range of Mackay restaurants will provide the sustenance for you to keep up your exploration of Mackay, Queensland's rising regional star.

Why not throw in a line? The fishing in Mackay is great. Consider a charter trip out of the spectacular Mackay marina.

Or why not meet other fans of a great game at Mackay Golf Club? It's a great course with a lot of respect in the Queensland golfing community and golfers, of course, are major beneficiaries of the pleasant Mackay weather.

While you are unwinding from the stresses in your life, perhaps deep in the Mackay region's rainforest or when picking your way through the diminishing pools on a walk to Carlisle Island at low tide, you will be grateful for a delightful change of pace.

More of those booking their voyages to Brampton Island Resort are now scheduling in at least one stop at Mackay. There's so much to see and do.

Mackay tourism has come of age and reflects the natural charm of Queensland.