Best Time To Visit Long Island

Located in the beautiful Queensland Islands, just 13km from Airlie Beach, Long Island is one of the 74 tropical islands that make up the Whitsundays group. Enjoying a secluded location on the Great Barrier Reef, Long Island boasts a relaxing ambiance and resort culture. At just 9km long and 400 wide, this tiny island is one of the smaller Whitsundays Islands, however Long Island packs a punch when it comes to holiday fun. With so much to see and do including bush walking, snorkelling, kayaking and tennis, Long Island is the ultimate outdoor adventure. When planning a holiday to Long Island, it can be helpful to know when the best time is to visit. Holiday factors such as weather and peak season can influence your decision making and determine when the island will be at its best. Consider our seasonal guide below to determine the best time to visit Long Island.


January - March

Throughout the summer months, Long Island boasts a very hot and humid climate. While sunshine isn't uncommon, the region receives a high level of rainfall during this time. Due to the increase in humidity and rainfall, the tropical Whitsundays can experience strong winds, storms and cyclones at this time of year. However, despite the rainy season, summer is still a popular time to visit Long Island. Coinciding with the Australian school holidays, January is a very busy time on the island. As a result, prices can be a little more expensive during this time. If you wish to visit Long Island in the summer season, we recommend booking as early as possible to secure the best deals. Stinger season also runs from October to May and visitors are recommended to wear protective stinger suits when entering the water.

April - June

Showcasing clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine, April through June is a fantastic time to visit Long Island. Temperatures average at 22 degrees and the chances of rainfall are much smaller. The water is still perfectly warm and great for swimming and exploring the tropical reef. May also draws close to the stinger season and visitors are free to venture into the water without a stinger suit. With it's relaxed island culture and casual atmosphere, normal beach attire is suitable during the day, however, during the night, a light jacket or sweater may be required.

July - September

Renowned as one of the best times to visit, July through September on Long Island is nothing short of paradise. Visitors can expect cooler temperatures, minimal rainfall and endless sunshine during this time of year. The waters are completely stinger free and still warm enough to swim in. The north-eastern trade winds make it a fantastic time of year for sailing, fishing and whale watching. Many companies offer whale watching tours during this time, with sightings occurring daily.

October - December

One of the busiest times of the year for families, the end of spring/ start of summer is a great time to visit Long Island. As the Christmas period and school holidays approach, the island is buzzing with visitors from across the world. During this time of year, the temperatures start to increase and the water begins to warm up to a balmy 25 degrees. December is also fantastic time of year for turtle spotting.