Tokyo Stopovers

The capital of Japan, Tokyo is a densely populated and fast-paced modern city. Tokyo stopovers are a popular way to break up your travel time regardless of whether you’re here for 24 hours or 4 days. Tokyo city itself is about 2 hours away from the Tokyo Narita International Airport, however an express airport train offers a comfortable ride and an opportunity to see some of the country’s less urban landscapes. For those with no time to lose, join the up-tempo pace in an exciting whirlwind of bars, restaurants, shops and galleries. For those with a little more time to spare, discover the picturesque temple-lined streets, tiny local eateries and green parks that are intermingled with the skyscrapers. From the neon lights of Roppongi to the serene gardens of the city, there’s plenty to see on your stopover in Tokyo. Book Flights to Japan

Accommodation Near Tokyo (Narita) Airport

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There are a great range of accommodation options conveniently located close to Tokyo Narita Airport, ideal for those spending the night with a stopover in Tokyo. Skip the 2 hour round trip to downtown Tokyo and be ready for your flight the next morning with these Tokyo airport hotels just minutes from the terminal. Offering the most affordable accommodation near Tokyo airport, Narita Gateway Hotel offers a comfortable range of rooms and all the facilities to freshen up. The Richmond Hotel Narita is a mid-range hotel close to the airport offering Japanese-style business accommodation with a private bathroom and comfortable bed for a restful night’s sleep. If you want to rest and relax in absolute comfort, the Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport offers superior style, space and comfort to unwind and refresh after a long flight. All hotels boast a convenient, complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport. More about Narita Airport

Nearby Attractions

Make the most of your time in Tokyo, no matter how brief, and see some of the city’s most popular attractions conveniently located close to the city and airport. The Chiba Prefectural Flower and Tree Center is the closest attraction to the airport and offers an incredible botanical garden with more than 55,000 flowers and plants in a greenhouse, model garden and stone garden. Also close to the airport, Shinsho-ji Temple and Park is Tokyo’s oldest temple and offers a daily performance of the famous fire ritual. Surrounded by traditional gardens, you’ll also find a bell tower, ancient gates, a prayer wheel and the Great Pagoda of Peace. Closer to the city of Tokyo, popular attractions include the iconic 333m Tokyo Tower offering incredible views of the entire city and Tokyo Disneyland. If you wish to stay longer in Tokyo, speak to your travel consultant about extending the stop over leg of your journey.