Venice Holiday Packages

Known as the 'canal city', Venice is practically a floating, open-air museum. Scattered with palaces and one of the finest collections of European art in Italy, holidays in Venice are a romantic affair. Originally built on 118 islands, Venice has transformed into a city that boasts more than 400 bridges and 150 canals. Many visitors often wonder just how to get around such a city and while you may not be able to hail a cab on the street, these holiday packages take care of airport transfers and the like, leaving you free to enjoy the magic of a city with waterways instead of streets.

Venice Holiday Deals

Venice is home to a number attractions other than the city itself including outer lying islands, the most famous of which is Lido, as well as iconic churches and ancient architecture. However, without doubt it is the gondolas that glide along the canals that so enchant visitors to this unique city. Venice holiday packages are the ideal way to book all your travel needs for a holiday to Venice, including your very own gondola ride.

These holiday packages are designed to make planning and booking your holiday both easy and affordable. By combining all your holiday needs into one big package, you can not only enjoy significant savings but also the peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of. From accommodation and flights to tours, transfers, travel insurance and everything in between, these Venice holiday packages have everything covered, leaving you free to enjoy your time savouring the sights of this city and with plenty of spending money to spare.