Getting Around Milan

The public transport system in Milan consists of an efficient network of trams, buses and the metro. The metro is the quickest method of transport and if you decide to use buses you will find a display of routes on each bus stop. Taxis can be caught at the numerous taxi ranks around the city. The best advice is to avoid driving in and around Milan unless you have lots of time available to sit on traffic or get lost in the complicated ring system which services the city.

Getting To Milan

The Malpensa airport is where all international flights arrive into the northern part of Italy and it is located 50 km northwest of the city. You can get to Milan either by bus which runs to Stazione Centrale every 20 minutes or by train the Malpensa Express which runs every 30 minutes. The domestic flights arrive at Linate airport which is just 7 km east of the city centre. Special airport buses run every 20 minutes to Piazza Luigi di Savoia in the centre.

Most international and domestic trains arrive at Stazione Centrale in Piazza Duca d'Aosta which is the hub of many trains and a network of buses. The coach station for all international and long distance buses is in front of Porta Garibaldi train station.