Haggerstone Island Facilities & Dining

Haggerstone Island Facilities

Featuring a native, open plan main building, Haggerstone Island's design is authentic but practical. Completing the tropical island picture are sun bleached posts and plenty of space for the cooling sea breezes to flow through.

Rich polished benches are supported by drift wood and a collection of Papua New Guinean artefacts are on display including an ancient dinner gong, husk of a canoe and Balinese bed. The hand crafted accommodation huts are similar to the main building and feature kitchenettes, a solar fridge and sun deck while the beach hut offers a more basic experience with outdoor toilet and shower.

There are two bathrooms, a dining area, main kitchen and open fire pits along the front deck and the rest of the island is yours to enjoy. Apart from WiFi access there are few modern distractions here, just the spectacular natural environment to keep you entertained and plenty of relaxation to enjoy.

Haggerstone Island Dining

Adding to the 'castaway' atmosphere of your holiday on Haggerstone Island, there are no fancy restaurants with flashing lights here, only freshly grown ingredients prepared with care. With all produce carefully selected to flourish in the tropical environment, the well-tended garden is a pleasure to stroll through.

This self-sustaining way of life includes not only garden-grown produce but also free range fowls who provide organic eggs with rich yolks packed full of flavour. Surrounded by the sea, the island of course also enjoys plenty of freshly caught seafood including oysters, lobster, coral trout, red emperor and more.

The island itself offers a stunning dining setting under the stars, by the lagoon or a picnic on the beach. The sand cay is also a popular dining location, especially for intimate dinners for two where candle lit table settings can be arranged by the water's edge as the sun sets.