Haggerstone Island Activities

Fishing and Spear Fishing: The waters around Haggerstone Island are teeming with marine life and rod, reel, reef, ocean, river or fly-fishing are all good across the board. With no human habitation for miles, Haggerstone remains undisturbed. You can catch bait off the beach while reef fish and crayfish are easily caught off the nearby reefs. Spear fishing is even popular with the caretakers as a daily means of gathering food.

Skin Diving and Snorkelling: Diving and snorkelling are one of the most popular activities on Haggerstone and conditions are perfect year round. There are two clear lagoons just off the beach which allow you to explore stunning coral gardens right at your door. The reef areas that surround the island are ideal for skin diving and snorkelling and there is even an 1840s shipwreck to explore. Perched in a shallow reef garden, the wreck offers bronze keel bolts, giant anchors and winching blocks all visible from the surface. **Divers are required to hold an Open Water Certification to dive.

Jetskiing: Enjoy exploring the tropical waters around Haggerstone Island.

Bird Watching: Haggerstone Island is home to a diverse bird population and watching the different species at play in their natural habitat is both a relaxing and entertaining activity. The sun rises to the sound of bird calls and a kaleidoscope of coloured feathers of the honeyeaters, jungle fowls, sunbirds, kingfishers, pittas, coloured pigeons, finches, eagles and bar shouldered doves.

Beachcombing: Stretching for miles, the mainland beaches hold a variety of treasures just waiting to be discovered including a wide range of shells, driftwood, fresh water lakes and sand dunes.

Helicopter Adventure: Discover the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef from the air and gain unprecedented access to the mainland's World Heritage listed forests, waterfalls and sport fishing. Helicopter access offers entrance to estuaries, uninhabited lagoons, secluded sand cays and the true wilderness of Haggerstone Island.