Haggerstone Island Holidays

A unique holiday destination, Haggerstone Island seamlessly blends a small community of hand crafted timber buildings with lush tropical gardens and stunning natural environment that co-exists on the island. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, the island features a wide variety of wildlife as well as pristine coral gardens teeming with colourful marine life.

Offering a more private and intimate island experience, Haggerstone Island is only accessible by boat transfer from a neighbouring island and enjoys a remote yet spectacular location on a wild expanse of the Great Barrier Reef 600 km north of the Cairns mainland coast.


Haggerstone Island caters for only a small number of guests at a time with facilities for only around 8-10 people. However the island is not short on comforts with spacious tropical accommodation and a great range of fresh food readily available throughout your stay. Designed to enjoy the simple things in life, Haggerstone sas been described as 'surviving in style' leaving your time on the island free of interruptions to soak up the sun, relax and explore the glorious island surrounds.

About Haggerstone Island

Haggerstone's marine life is simply incredible and definitely a must see when visiting the island. Snorkelling and diving are the best ways to experience these amazing wonders where you'll discover everything from tropical fish to brightly coloured coral, WWII artefacts and even shipwrecks. There are no maids, mirrors, TVs or egos on the island and with such spectacular natural sights to see you won't miss these modern conveniences for one minute.

Having been built up from some timber, poles, an old tractor, chickens and fruit trees way back in 1985 to the breathtaking and remote paradise that it is today, Haggerstone Island offers a unique and extremely rare holiday experience like no other in the world.