Getting Around Dublin

With a relatively small city centre, getting around Dublin is most easily done on foot. Public transport is available however it is not quite to the same standard as other cities in Europe. Visitors can hire a bicycle for a small fee and this is a handy want to get around Dublin’s city centre and surrounds, however there are very few bike paths and road space available so you should be comfortable in traffic if you want to choose this option.

Driving in Dublin is not recommended, particularly in the city centre, as traffic is often heavy and there is an extensive and often confusing one-way system with very little parking available. Dublin is actually home to more taxis than New York and as such, these make an excellent and affordable option for getting from A to B as they are extremely easy to access and many offer set fares. In terms of public transport, an extensive bus service is operated across approximately 200 bus routes however route numbers can be confusing so it’s highly recommended that you pick up a route map.

Train travel is one of the best ways for getting around Dublin, particularly if you plan on venturing out of the city centre. The Luas is a reliable light rail tram system that runs frequent services throughout the city centre along red and green lines. The DART is a suburban rail service that operates along the coast from the south in Greystones through to Malahide and Howth in the north. There are also 4 other suburban rails lines that service outer Dublin, 3 of which depart Connolly Station and the other from Heuston Station.