Ireland Travel Guide

Ireland is a rugged country home to romantic landscapes and steeped in in ancient folklore. A unique European country, Ireland is divided into 32 counties, six of which are known as Northern Island and are part of the UK, the remaining 26 of which are an independent state. Despite this division, Ireland as a whole is a beautiful destination characterised by diverse, breathtaking landscapes and rich mythological traditions. Much of the attraction to Ireland is the cultural and historic sights and diversity of countryside that seamlessly transitions from lakes and bogland to granite hills, horse-grazing plains, mountains, beaches, inlets and more.


Ireland offers a range of accommodation options as diverse as the country’s landscape itself and is designed to appeal to a range of budgets and travellers. Conveniently located close to popular attractions, shopping, dining and transport, Ireland accommodation is the ideal way to experience the charming Irish hospitality and range from motels, bed and breakfasts, country cottages, modern hotels, 5 star accommodation and even self-catering and apartment-style accommodation. Wherever you choose to stay in Ireland, you can be sure of a comfortable bed and a wonderful meal. Book cheap Ireland Accommodation


There is much to love about Ireland, from its people to its landscapes which are as diverse as they are beautiful. Combine all this with its history and legendary culture and there is much to experience and explore in Ireland, including some of the most iconic attractions such as the Rock of Cashel in Tipperary, the volcanic formations of the Giant’s Causeway, the fascinating ancient site of Newgrange near Dublin, the Book of Kells – Dublin’s must-see attraction, the iconic Blarney Stone of Cork, the grand scenic drive of the Ring of Kerry and the hauntingly beautiful Aran Islands off Galway Bay. Read more about Attractions in Ireland

Ireland Facts

The Irish consume 131.1 litres of beer per year – the second highest per capita consumption in the world. The three most famous Irish symbols are the green shamrock, the harp and the Celtic cross. Ireland has won the Eurovision Song Contest seven times which is more than any other country.

Many Irish family names begin with ‘Mac’ or ‘O’ (for example, Macgregor or O’Reilly) which in Gaelic, the ancestral language of Ireland, translates to ‘son of’ and ‘grandson of’ respectively. Due to its isolation from Europe’s mainland, Ireland lacks a number of species of wildlife including snakes, roe deer, polecats, weasels and moles.