Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong is a destination rich in culture, history, exotic cuisine, shopping opportunities and amazing landscapes that vary from beaches and rocky islands to misty mountains and even rural landscapes. A fascinating blend of Cantonese Chinese and modern Britain, Hong Kong enjoys a much more free lifestyle than that experienced in mainland China. Having absorbed cultures and influences from a diverse range of regions, Hong Kong is known as Asia's 'World City' and as such offers an exciting range of culture and attractions to explore.

Hong Kong Accommodation

Hong Kong accommodation offers an excellent range of hotels and resorts to choose from, catering to everyone from families and groups to couples and singles. Whether you're looking to splash out on deluxe accommodation, stay comfortable in mid-range accommodation or are travelling on a budget, there's Hong Kong accommodation to suit you. Better still, all accommodation is conveniently located close to major attractions or within an easy public transport ride.

Top Hong Kong Hotels


Exploring the areas between Shau Kei Wan and Kennedy Town is a popular attraction in Hong Kong with sightseeing of everything from the towering commercial buildings to the residential areas, crowded shopping destinations and even seafood and traditional medicine wholesalers for a taste of everyday life. There are also a number of beautiful beaches and hiring a junk boat is a great way to explore the waters. The great outdoors are abundant with attractions including impressive mountains and even glittering cityscapes. You only need look around you to discover the beauty, local street markets and authentic cuisine.

Hong Kong Packages

Hong Kong holiday packages are the most popular way to plan and book a holiday in this region as they not only offer a quick and easy way to plan your holiday, they also offer a fantastic range of discounts and complimentary extras. Use the packages to combine your flights, transfers, accommodation, travel insurance, tours and activities, meal packages and more to get the best value for money out of your holiday.

Hong Kong Facts

By tapping two or three fingers on the top of the table, you are thanking the person for pouring your tea. If you would like more tea in the pot, you can signal a refill by leaving the lid open. Do not use chopsticks to make noise or move bowls/plates. Also, never stick chopsticks into a bowl of rice vertically as this is said to wish death to everyone around you. Hong Kong locals are offended by any connotations that they are influenced by the propaganda of mainland China and questions about whether they are allowed to use such things as Facebook may cause offence or simply make you look ignorant and silly.