Best Time To Visit Hawaii

When planning a holiday to the Hawaiian Islands, often the first thing anyone wants to know is the best time to travel to Hawaii. When deciding when is the best time to visit Hawaii, there are a number of things to consider including what the weather will be like, which island you plan on visiting, the price of airfares and accommodation and any festivals and events you may wish to attend. A few other things to keep in mind are the cost and crowds of high season, what activities and attractions you're interested in while you're there and, if you're a return visitor to Hawaii, other islands and seasons you may wish to experience.

Although the weather in Hawaii is quite pleasant year round, the tropical climate means that no two months are the same. Hawaii's dry season falls from April to October while the wet season occurs from November to March. Although summer sounds like the best time to travel to Hawaii, the conditions are actually very hot and humid and some visitors may find this uncomfortable. The best time to travel to Hawaii weather-wise is April, May, September and October and some great bargains can also be found around these times.

The best time to travel to Hawaii also depends on which islands you'll be spending time on and each is different to the next. If you want to catch Hawaii's world famous surf then the best time to visit is from November to January, however if this isn't your cup of tea than you may want to avoid the crowds and traffic that flock to the Oahu north shore around this time. Towards late summer when the weather has cooled down a little and the surf crowds have passed, the whole family can enjoy calmer conditions.

Flights and accommodation tend to be more expensive from mid-December to mid-April as this is what is known as the 'high' season. If you especially want to visit during this time, it is recommended that you book as far in advance as possible. If natural attractions such as watching the humpback whales appeals to you then you'll want to visit sometime during November to early May. A great way to truly experience and appreciate the Hawaiian culture is to attend or participate in a major festival or event. There are many held throughout the year and by researching what is available, you can also plan the best time to travel to Hawaii around this.