Santorini Travel Guide

Perched on the lip of a volcanic crater, Santorini is beautiful, romantic and mysterious. Here you will enjoy the most stunning sunsets, unique beaches and unforgettable views. Santorini consists of a group of 5 islands, Thira being the most popular and 4 smaller ones spread around the volcano which erupted in 1650 B.C.


Santorini offers an excellent range of accommodation options that range from basic yet comfortable hotels all the way through to luxury resorts and deluxe holiday villas and apartments. Offering stunning views of the famous sunsets and overlooking the Aegean Sea, the great range of Santorini accommodation includes standard rooms, family friendly options, suites and even self-catering options to suit all travellers and budgets. Book Santorini Accommodation

Getting Around Santorini

The easiest way to get to Santorini is by plane. The flying time from Athens to Santorini is approximately 40 minutes. Numerous charter flights from different European cities fly directly to the island during the summer period. Another way to reach the island is by the regular ferry and high speed boat from the port of Piraeus, with the trip taking approximately 5-9 hours. It is easy to get around Santorini by local buses which have regular services to the most important villages and beaches on the island. Hiring a car is also recommended. More about Getting To Santorini


It can be said that this island has two parts to it. The caldera side (up to 300 m peak overlooking the volcano) and the low part of the island where most of the beaches can be found. There are numerous traditional houses, hotels and villas literally built against the rock which enjoy unforgettable views across the sea making Santorini such a unique island. If you stay at Fira it is recommended that you visit the archaeological museum containing sculptures, vases and clay figurines from the Archaic, Hellenistic and Roman periods. There is a large choice of volcanic black sand beaches around the island. The most popular ones are Kamari and Perissa beach with numerous tavernas, cafes and bars. More attractions.

Santorini Facts

Santorini is actually a small archipelago and was originally a single island until an enormous volcanic eruption, the Minoan eruption, in 1628 BC flooded the edge of the caldera and turned it into an archipelago. In 1967, an almost perfectly preserved Bronze Age city was discovered under meters of ash layers that remained from the eruption. Santorini is home is the famously beautiful ‘red beach’ which attracts many visitors with its slabs of black and red volcanic rock.