Rhodes Travel Guide

Rhodes is blessed with a mild climate, numerous beaches, natural beauty, rich history, monuments and a high standard of tourist infrastructure. The biggest island in the Dodecanese group, Rhodes is just a short distance from Turkey and one of the most popular destinations in Greece.


With the majority of accommodation concentrated around the east coast of the island, Rhodes offers plenty of comfortable and convenient accommodation options for all holidaymakers. Enjoying picturesque views of the sea and nearby charming villages, Rhodes accommodation offers everything from basic hotels to luxury resorts, holiday villas and more. Book Rhodes Accommodation

Getting Around Rhodes

Rhodes is considered a transport hub of the eastern Aegean and is well connected with Athens and other neighboring islands with regular flights taking approximately one hour or less. Daily ferries from Athens take approximately 18 hours to reach Rhodes and you can choose from various types of cabins. During the summer months regular ferry and hydrofoil services connect Rhodes with the nearby islands. Rhodes has a well-established bus network to most of the island’s towns, villages and places of interest. Getting around Rhodes.


Rhodes in its turbulent history saw many invaders who left behind a legacy of monuments and culture. During the Byzantine period Christianity spread over the island of Rhodes and strong fortifications, towers and battlements were erected that are preserved to this day. Following the Turkish dominance of over 3 centuries many churches were turned into mosques and today the visitor can see some of these in the old city. The picturesque Mandraki harbour, Old Town, aquarium, casino, Grand Master’s Palace, archaeological museum, churches, minarets and the Great Haman (Turkish bath) are just a few highlights of this unique city. See more Attractions on Rhodes

Rhodes Facts

The name Rhodes actually means ‘rose’ which is rather fitting as the island has been known since ancient times as a flowery place. Rhodes is one of the Greek Islands’ largest and most beautiful islands. Rhodes has been inhabited since as early as the Stone Age. In 515 AD an earthquake struck the island of Rhodes destroying the city but was rebuilt by Anastasios, the emperor.