Naxos Travel Guide

Naxos is the biggest and most fertile island in the Cyclades with impressive high mountains and long sandy beaches. The visitor here can explore beautiful countryside, meet some of the local farmers and get away from the busier tourist Greek islands.


Most people who visit Naxos stay in Chora or one of the nearby beaches however new hotels are appearing in the port and in clusters on the island beaches. There are a great range of accommodation options available on the island that range from comfortable, standard hotels to luxury resorts and holiday homes available for a relaxing holiday by the beach. Accommodation is also conveniently close to popular shopping, dining and attractions. Book Naxos Accommodation

Getting Around Naxos

Daily flights connect the island of Naxos with Athens. Ferries from Piraeus port are very frequent and take around 8 hours to reach the island. There are also faster hydrofoil and catamaran services, which will cut the travelling time by almost half. Naxos can be combined with visiting other islands in the area and has regular connections with Mykonos, Paros, Santorini and Crete. More information for Getting around Naxos


The Venetian Castle built in 1207 towering above the whitewashed houses remains one of the live reminders of Naxos history. Within the castle’s inner walls are a number of Venetian residences, the museum, a 13th Century Catholic School and the French school all worth visiting. If you venture further into the island you are bound to discover unspoilt beaches, mountain villages, ancient Byzantine churches, monasteries and Venetian watch towers. On the northern tip of the island there is a giant Kouros (nude male 10-metre statue) dating back to the 7th century B.C. More Naxos Attractions

Naxos Facts

Naxos is home to both Catholic and Orthodox churches due to the island’s Venetian descendants. Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades group and is also home to the group’s highest mountain, Mount Zas. The village of Apiranthos features some streets that are paved in marble.