Greece Attractions

Home to more than 60 inhabited islands, Greece attractions range from its idyllic beaches and striking mountain ranges to its many historical attractions, some dating back as far as for millennia. Situated on a peninsula of northern Greece, Mount Athos is a popular attraction home to 20 Eastern Orthodox monasteries and approximately 1,400 monks, however cultural practice dictates that only males are permitted entry. Not far from ancient Sparta, Mystras is another popular historic attraction renowned for its beautiful landscapes and spectacular abandoned medieval ruins.

Greece attractions are also found on the island of Rhodes where the medieval village of Lindos and the acropolis that rises above offers stunning views of the coastline, harbour, whitewashed houses and cobbled streets below. Located in Crete, the Samaria Gorge is a 16km canyon that offers a tourist walk passing through vertical cliff cuts and ancient cypress tress emerging at the Libyan Sea.

Located in Kefalonia’s north-west, Myrtos Beach is one of the most popular Greece attractions renowned for its smooth white marble pebble beach and breathtaking turquoise and blue waters. Having been named Greece’s best beach 12 times, the steep cliffs and mountains that surround the beach only add to its beauty. Another top Greece tourist attraction is the Delphi Theatre, a 5000 capacity ancient theatre built in the 4th. Situated at the top of the hill, the theatre overlooks the important ancient Greek religious sites of the oracle of Apollo and the sanctuary.

Central Greece is also home to some great attractions including Meteora, meaning suspended in the air. A collection of 6 monasteries, these ancient places of worship are situated at the top of several spectacular rock pillars with the first being founded in the 14th century. The island of Mykonos is an attraction in itself and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. Home to beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife, the cosmopolitan destination is a maze of tiny lanes and whitewashed steps.

Perhaps one of the most famous Greece attractions in the entire country, the Parthenon at the top of the Acropolis is a major tourist destination and no visit to Athens is complete without visiting the temple. Built in 432 BC, the Parthenon has served as everything from a mosque, church, temple and fortress to a powder magazine. Finally, Santorini is another of the famous Greek islands that is an attraction in itself. Renowned for its spectacular sunsets, dramatic views and whitewashed houses, the island is also home to an active volcano and bustles with shops, hotels, cafes and tavernas on the edge of 400m cliffs.