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France weather and climate is mostly temperate with mild winters and summers however due to its continental, coastal, mountainous and even Mediterranean regions, conditions can vary between the east and the west and especially from the north to the south of Loire.

Generally, temperatures remain pleasant and mild throughout the year with a balanced mix of sunshine and rainfall although as you would expect, each region has its own variation on the climate with the weather colder and wetter in the north and west and warmer and drier conditions in the Mediterranean.

Winters see plenty of snow, particularly in the mountainous areas where skiers and winter sports lovers flock. On the odd occasion snow may also fall on the plains, mostly in north Loire, however this is a rare occurrence and even rarer in Paris.

Spring is typically warm and sunny as temperatures rise above 20°C in the south where you'll see the first swimmers of the season getting about in Nice and Cannes. From about May onwards, all of France begins to dress for the warmer temperatures, the days get longer and the countryside becomes particularly inviting.

Summer warms up even further but not uncomfortable so and the whole country is bathed in sunshine. Temperatures range from 25°C in Deauville and Brest and 30°C in Marseille and Ajaccio. The weather is perfect for heading to the beach, working on your tan, enjoying a trek in the mountains or just exploring the treasures that the various regions of France hold.

Autumn sees the return of cooler conditions and rainfall as the country heads towards Christmas. All over France, trees are changing colours and make for a spectacular way to see the country however keep in mind the days will also be getting shorter so make sure you plan ahead to see this kaleidoscope of reds, browns and gold that set the country aflame.

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France Annual Average Climate

Averages Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (mm) 65 56.4 54.9 59 66.2 58.1 50.8 56.2 66 78.7 76 74.3
Temp (°C) 4 4.7 7.5 9.9 13.6 16.9 19.2 19 16.3 12.2 7.5 4.8
Min Temp (°C) 1.3 1.5 3.5 5.6 9.1 12.2 14.3 14.1 11.7 8.5 4.6 2.3
Max Temp (°C) 7.3 8.5 12.1 14.9 18.7 22.1 24.6 24.4 21.4 16.6 11.1 7.9

France Annual Average Temperature Graph (°C)

France Annual Average Rainfall Graph (mm)