Paris Travel Guide

Paris is, without a doubt, the most glamorous city in Europe. Stylish, romantic and cosmopolitan, the City of Light is famous for its blend of the traditional and modern. Here, you'll discover grand monuments such as the Eiffel Tower alongside the tiny lanes and alleyways of the historic quarters. Be sure to also take time for boulevard-strolling, café-sitting and shopping - all favourite past-times of the elegant Parisians.


Paris is home to an extensive range of accommodation options within both the city centre and surrounds. Offering easy access to many of the city's most popular tourist attractions, visitors can stay anywhere from basic motels to deluxe hotels and luxury resorts. No matter your budget or style of travel, there are accommodation options to suit everyone including standard rooms, family room types, suites, apartments and even self-catering options. With some accommodation offering views of the Eiffel Tower, you can get conveniently close to a number of major tourist attractions. Book Paris Accommodation

Getting Around

Paris has two major international airports; Charles de Gaulle is 26 kms northeast of Paris and Orly is 16 kms south of the city. Both are easily accessible from Paris, though Roissy is the only one with a TGV (high-speed train) station. Shuttle buses also operate regularly from both airports to the city. The French railway network is comprehensive and relatively cheap compared to most European countries. The TGV is a speedy and cheaper inter-city transport alternative to the plane. Linking France and the United Kingdom, a boat or ferry trip across the Channel can range from a mere 35 minutes to 95 minutes. Paris is crisscrossed with publicly run services by bus, underground (Métro) and overhead rail and trams. Taxis in Paris are generally reliable and can be hailed in the street and at the numerous taxi ranks found in every district. How to get around Paris


Paris is the second-largest city in Western Europe, and it is probably the city with the most things to see. The majority of France's most well-known attractions are found in Paris including the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysées and the Louvre. There is also the Pompidou Centre, Musée National d'Art Moderne, Musée Picasso, Hôtel Salé, Disneyland Paris, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Sainte Chapelle, Palais de Justice, Panthéon, Musée Rodin, Basilique du Sacré Coeur, Catacombes des Paris, Place des Vosges, Versailles Palace, Centre Pompidou and the Saint-Michel quarter, along the banks of the Seine. See the top Paris Attractions


Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements, or local government administrations, numbered 1 to 20. The following 19 arrondissements spiral from the first arrondissement in a clockwise direction. A zip code such as 75004 indicates Paris, 4th arrondissement. Under the Romans, the city of Lyon was originally capital of France. It wasn't until 508 when Paris first became the capital under the rule of King Clovis. During a brief period of WWII, Vichy became the capital of France during German occupation however this brief 4 year stint was the only interruption to Paris' status as France's capital since 508.