Nice & Cannes Accommodation

Renowned as a playground for the rich and famous, Nice and Cannes are popular seaside holiday spots particularly during the European winter when their weather remains warmer and rather pleasant. Nice and Cannes accommodation offers a wide range of luxury accommodation however there is also plenty of affordable stays on offer. Nice is renowned for its fashionable seafront promenade while Cannes is most famous for its annual film festival, however both Nice and Cannes accommodation is equally famous for its glamour and indulgence.

Nice Accommodation

Port Of Nice, France

Offering a boutique atmosphere, Nice accommodation is renowned for its quality and location boasting sun, sea and plenty of opportunity to relax. Ranging from slightly more affordable options to stylish and sophisticated hotels and resorts, Nice accommodation is conveniently located close to the region's most popular historic and tourist attractions including Musée Matisse, Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain and the famous Promenade des Anglais.

Cannes Accommodation

Cannes Beach

Whether you're lucky enough to be attending the film festival or just want to escape to this glamourous holiday destination, Cannes accommodation is renowned for its luxury and grandeur. From deluxe hotels to 5 star resorts and boutique atmosphere, Cannes accommodation offers all the finer things in life. Surrounded by beautiful bays and sparkling beaches, Cannes accommodation is conveniently close to iconic attractions such as the Casino Palm Beach, Casino d' Ete, Musée de la Castre, Boulevard de la Croisette, Villa Fiesole and more.