Orchid Waterfalls

Located in the Sabeto Valley less than 30 minutes north of Nadi and Denarau, Orchid Waterfalls are a stunning collection of 4 beautiful falls fed by warm jungle rain water. Nestled in an exclusive area surrounded by wild tropical jungle, the falls are an aquatic paradise that are perfect for swimming, exploring and relaxing.

Fiji’s weather is always warm and sometimes quite hot so a swimming hole full of fresh, cool water is an utter relief. Although you may work up a sweat walking uphill through the jungle on your way to Orchid Waterfalls, once you’re in those refreshing waters all will be forgotten.

Orchid Falls are said to have magical powers able to spark romance and revive your health and whether that’s true or not, swimming in the falls is a pretty magical experience. Surrounded by ancient trees covered in lace ferns, jungle vines and coffee plants, you’ll spot a variety of tropical fruit trees, beautiful fluttering butterflies, wild parrots in a riot of colours and of course, iridescent orchids that give the falls their name.

The swimming hole itself is roughly the same size as a backyard pool, meaning there’s plenty of room for everyone. Stroke back and forth, dive under the water but if you’re tempted to jump in off the rocks be careful, the maximum water depth is just 2m.

Two creeks converge at this point and each has its own waterfall and plunge pool so you have a choice of spots where you can cool off. On a tier of rock between the upper and lower sections of the main falls you’ll also find a number of small pools however these are not as picturesque.

In order to visit the falls you must pay a nominal trail fee at the start of the walk. The good news is that the trail is paved the entire way and is not difficult at all. There are friendly guides around who can help keep you safe and provide you with any information that you may need