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Kadavu Island Holidays & Travel Guide

Fiji's fourth largest island, Kadavu (prounounced Kandavu) sits among a number of smaller islands known as the Kadavu Group. Rugged and unspoiled, Kadavu offers visitors insight into the Fiji that pre-dated tourism and development. On Kadavu, travellers will find the groups only township; the small and very local town of Vunisea. This is also where guests will find the regions accommodation options.

Kadavu Reefs

Thanks to the tropical climate and near non-existent development, Kadavu's jungles, mangroves and fringing coral reefs have been given license to grow and thrive. Enjoy lush, verdant landscapes and tranquil bays as you explore the stunning island. Nature based activities make up the bulk of the entertainment on Kadavu, with tourists choosing from sea kayaking, game fishing, surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving attractions. Renowned for it's world-class diving, head just off-shore on the eastern side of the island to explore the Naigoro Passage, Manta Reef, Soso Passage and Nacomoto.

Offering such a secluded and exclusive Fiji holiday experience, Kadavu doesn't feature much in the way of restaurants bar in-house resort dining venues. This keeps eating out while on holidays conveniently close to home. Many of the resorts also have partnerships with neighbouring traditional villages which give you the opportunity to visit these villages, take in the Fijian culture and sample a variety of traditional cuisine.

Relax and unwind in isolation and soak up the uncommercialised natural beauty of Kadavu Island to experience the 'real Fiji'.

Kadavu Island Accommodation

It's the beautiful and untouched natural environment that makes Kadavu such an appealing holiday destination. On Kadavu, enjoy the solitude of a remote tropical island with all your holiday essentials in reach. A world leader in the promotion of environmental conservation and sustainable tourism, the island's accommodation options include eco lodges, environmentally friendly resorts and hotels with a focus on sustainable operations.

Kadavu Island Packages

Keep your holiday simple with a custom holiday package, curated with your needs in mind. Bundling travel essentials (like flights and accommodation) with tours, activities and travel insurance, you save money (perfect for spending big abroad) and relieve yourself of all planning pressures. It's the perfect start to your tropical escape.

Did You Know?

The fourth largest island in Fiji, Kadavu is also home to the fourth largest barrier reef in the world (the Great Astrolabe Reef).

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