Stonehenge is a world-famous stone monument located near the town of Salisbury in Wiltshire County, England. Dating back approximately 3,500 years, these prehistoric statues are one of the most famous and mysterious attractions in the entire world. One of the most popular tourist attractions anywhere on earth, Stonehenge was reportedly built in three stages that totalled more than 30 million hours of work.

Although there are no written records on the construction of or motivation behind the creation of Stonehenge, speculation on the origins and purposes of these rock formations has continued for centuries. One school of thought is that it is a place of death, while others believe it has healing powers. Some theorise its purpose as one of human sacrifice while others surmise it has something to do with astronomy. Further still, many think of it as a place of worship while another widely held belief is that it acted as a solar calendar that was able to predict the sunrise, sunset, eclipse and moon activity.

Despite all the conjecture, Stonehenge continues to remain a mystery and a famous landmark to this day. With little information on how exactly these standing stones were placed there, the circular monument is said to date back as early as 3100 BC. Although the structure wasn’t complete at this time, work on the three phases of building had started and 1500 years later was finally complete. However there is evidence at the site that suggests the structure could date back as far as 6500 years.

Just how Stonehenge was built is equally mysterious with some believing supernatural forces must have contributed to the construction. With the stones being impossibly heavy, it’s hard to see how anyone could carry of move them into place. Archeologists have flocked to the site for centuries, trying to shed some light on how this amazing attraction came into being however the origins of Stonehenge continue to remain a mystery.

A must see on any visit to England, millions of tourists journey from all over the world to take in this mysterious yet mind-blowingly impressive wonder of the world. Depending on the time of day of your visit, you’ll notice the colours of the sarsen and bluestones and you are welcome to walk around the circle and lay on the green land to take in this amazing monument from every angle.