England Attractions

Renowned for its architecture, tradition, history, medieval cathedrals and more recently its postmodern buildings, England is a popular holiday destination in Europe. With so many diverse regions’ making up the country, England attractions are as many and diverse as the cities themselves. From mysterious prehistoric stones to charming quaint little villages, fortified castles, innovative art, grand mansions and cutting edge style, England attractions are scattered throughout the country from the capital London to Durham, Oxford, Manchester, Wiltshire County, Bath and more.

Located in northeast England, Durham is a county and popular tourist destination home to historic attractions and ancient architecture blended with a contemporary culture. Having been named by Conde Nast Traveller magazine as the ‘best city in the UK’, Durham is an enchanting city that buzzes with dramatic history on its protruding peninsula. Famous as one of the most spectacular city views in all of Europe, Durham is home to the iconic World Heritage sites of Durham Castle and Durham Cathedral, attractions which have been voted as the UK’s number one landmark.

Offering modern culture contrasted by ancient architecture, Durham also boasts leisurely riverside pathways, artisan workshops, galleries, museums, boutiques and chic gourmet cafes. Other must see attractions in Durham include Crook Hall and Durham University’s Oriental Museum.

Of course no holiday to England would be complete without visiting the world-famous stone monument of Stonehenge. Located in Wiltshire County in the town of Salisbury, the mysterious prehistoric statues are said to date back approximately 3,500 years however their purpose and how they were made remain shrouded in mystery. One of the most famous England attractions and indeed the world, Stonehenge is rumoured to have been built in three stages over a total of 30 million hours.

The circular monument of Stonehenge is a famous landmark estimated to date back as far as 3100BC and although the structure itself wasn't complete at this time, world had started on the three building phases and was finally complete some 1500 years later. However there is also some evidence that the structure could date back as far as 6500 years. Despite all the conjecture, Stonehenge is a must see England attraction that millions of tourists from all over the world visit each year.