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Flights to Dubai arrive at the Dubai International Airport, the Middle East's largest aviation hub and the primary base of Dubai's flagship air carrier Emirates and its low cost subsidiary FlyDubai. A rapidly growing facility, the passenger airport is a bustling gateway that is filled with inbound and outbound passengers particularly during the peak period at midnight.

Dubai International Airport features three main terminals and another that is currently under construction. Terminal 1 is the airport's primary terminal and is serviced by most long-haul flights and major airlines. Terminal 2 is reserved for all low cost flights and regional services including all flights operated by FlyDubai. Terminal 3 is reserved exclusively for Emirates flights only.

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Terminals 1 and 3 are connected directly by the airside and no immigration is required to transfer between the two while Terminal 2 is situated at the opposite end of the airport. Terminals 1 and 3 are modern facilities while Terminal 2 feels a little dated despite recent renovations and is known for long lines at check-in.

Shuttle buses operate between the three terminals approximately every 20-30 minutes, however shuttle buses to Terminal 2 can be irregular, therefore a taxi ride of around 30 minutes may be a more convenient option however if you prefer to keep costs down you can also catch the metro to the nearby GGICO station and catch a taxi to Terminal 2 from there.

While the airport is renowned for its duty-free shopping, many visitors are surprised to discover that there is little difference in the prices at the airport duty-free retailers and the city's many shopping malls. Alcohol however is available very cheaply from the airport and can be purchased from an inbound duty-free retailer located in baggage claim. Duty-free limits of no more than 4L of alcohol or two cartons of 24 355ml cans of beer apply.