Scenic Cruises

Becoming particularly popular in the cruising industry in the last few years, scenic cruises are a wonderfully affordable way to see the sights of a number of spectacular destinations from the unique viewpoint of the open water. An especially affordable holiday option, scenic cruises are a fantastic way to see some of the world’s most iconic landmarks and natural attractions and are also a great way to explore your own country.

P&O Pacific Dawn Pacific Island Hopper

Scenic cruises are available both domestically and internationally, with short and longer cruises available, meaning you can get away for the weekend to see the sights or soak up some of the world’s best views over a couple of weeks. Like most other cruises, scenic cruises offer excellent value for money when it comes to booking a holiday as for one very reasonable price you get your accommodation for the duration of your holiday as well as all your meals included. You also needn’t worry about trying to navigate an unfamiliar destination to go sightseeing as scenic cruises are all about offering guests the best views of some of the destinations and most iconic landmarks and attractions. There are a number of accommodation options on board scenic cruises however for those with room in the budget for the more premium accommodation options, outdoor cabins on the upper decks are where you’ll find the best views.

Scenic cruises are available on board ships specifically designed to embrace the amazing views on offer. Ensuring you never miss a moment of the scenery or sights, the windows of the upper decks are oversized to maximise your views. The outdoor decks are also the ideal place for fantastic photo opportunities and because on scenic cruises it can be difficult to juggle your camera with a cocktail in hand, there are also a number of on board photographers who capture all the best moments on film for you to purchase later at your leisure.