Cook Islands Overwater Bungalows

Cook Islands overwater bungalows are one of the most amazing ways to experience this stunning tropical paradise in the South Pacific. Aitutaki is the only island in the Cook Islands with overwater bungalows and they are only available in one resort in the whole entire island group. The Aitutaki Lagoon Resort and Spa offers luxury accommodation and aside from being home to the only Cook Islands overwater bungalows, the resort is also the only place on the island of Aitutaki with a day spa.

Located on the shores of the spectacular Aituktai Lagoon, the resort is surrounded by lush gardens and swaying coconut palms and offers an authentic accommodation experience with kikau platted roods, rope fashioned from coconut hemp, pandanus leaves handwoven into matting for the walls and a selection of artefacts from local handicrafters. The Cook Islands overwater bungalows themselves are set in a prime position right at the edge of the lagoon, the closest of all the accommodation to the crystal clear Aitutaki Lagoon.

The interiors of the overwater bungalows feature tropical d├ęcor with pandanus lined walls, hand carved Polynesian artefacts and natural tapa cloth. Steps lead you straight from your veranda directly to the lagoon and an outdoor shower right by the water on the lower deck allows you to rinse off before continuing back inside. To make the most of the Cook Islands overwater bungalows amazing location and natural surroundings, the bathroom is spacious and features a double wooden vanity as well as an open air shower set in a private walled garden. The veranda is also furnished with a table and chair setting as well as private sunlounges where you can laze the days away looking out over the lagoon.

Due to their proximity and ease of access to the lagoon, the overwater bungalows aren't recommended for children however the majority of guests who wish to stay in these luxury accommodation options are generally there to get away from the kids and the rest of the world and simply be at one with the breathtaking natural environment of the Cook Islands without the interruption of modern or daily life.