Cook Islands Map

This map of the Cook Islands illustrates their overall position in the South Pacific Ocean. These 15 islands sit just 4,759 km off the east coast of Australia making them a popular holiday destination for Aussies in particular as they are a cheap but excellent value destination.

Formed long ago by volcanic activity, these islands sit amongst two reefs and six atolls which are responsible for their pristine waters and excellent underwater reefs and wildlife that are one of their major drawcards for tourists. These reefs are distinguished on the map below by the light blue halo surrounding the islands.

The two main islands, featured in the Cook Islands map below, are Rarotonga (or Raro to the locals) and Aitutaki. Rarotonga is the main island and has the largest population of all the islands. As the tourist capital it is home to the international airport as well as the majority of accommodation and resorts.

Aitutaki is the chief sub island and is most noted for its beauty and natural wonders. Most visitors to the Cook Islands take day trips or spend a couple of days on this island to see the renowned Aitutaki lagoon. This breathtaking lagoon is a stunning jewel and a spectacle of Mother Nature at her best. This island is also extremely popular for snorkelling, diving and other water-based activities. The accompanying map features flight patterns and durations for the various islands, so planning your day trips is simple!