Bali Forum

When planning a trip to Bali, one of the best places to start is a Bali forum where you can get a great range of first-hand information from people who have travelled there previously as well as information from travel experts. Many Bali forums offer handy hints on everything from where to stay, the best shopping, haggling techniques, where to dine, the best nightlife, recommended sightseeing and activities, staying safe and healthy and so much more.

Bali is one of the most beautiful yet affordable island holiday destinations in the world. Although thousands of tourists flock there each year, this exotic oasis can sometimes seem a little overwhelming if you've never been there before. Local forums offer information more tailored to a specific region or location and are particularly helpful if you already know the main destinations you'd like to visit. These Bali forums provide a great range of information on local customs, points of interest and any events that are happening locally.

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Government forums are also a great place to check out important travel information and advice including any passport and visa information, advice on any health precautions you may wish to take, advice on staying safe in a foreign country as well as any travel tips, areas to avoid or recommended places to visit. These Bali forums are a wealth of information and will help you prepare for your trip before you arrive in an exciting and unfamiliar destination.

Travel reviews are another fantastic way to get a realistic and un-biased opinion of traveller's experiences in Bali including recommended accommodation, hotels and resorts to avoid, popular activities, recommended tour operators, approximate pricing on popular shopping items, activities in Bali and much more.

With the advent of social media, Facebook is possibly the largest Bali forum there is and is a great resource to gain an insight into this tropical island holiday destination. Here you can read the experiences of others, read reviews and check out some of the accommodation and tour providers you are considering booking with to ensure they offer quality, value for money and suit the type of experience you are looking for in Bali.