Mount Batukaru

Mount Batukaru is an extinct volcano that is both the highest peak in the Bedugul volcanic area and the second highest mountain in Bali. It’s distinctive landscape makes it Bali’s most unique rainforest mountain trek, with rainforest protected from populated areas, preserving its pristine natural setting. Largely undiscovered, Mount Batukaru is ideal for visitors who prefer to avoid the ‘touristy’ areas and attractions, and offers the perfect combination of culture, nature and spectacular views.

Mount Batukaru is worshipped by the Balinese and is a highly sacred and spiritual place. The local villagers believe that when they die, their spirit will return to the mountain. Luhur Batukaru Temple or Pura Luhur Batukaru as is known locally, is the temple devoted to the presence of Mount Batukaru.

For the more adventurous visitors, this mountain is also a popular hiking destination. Despite its popularity, and unlike many other mountains in Bali, it is still rare to see other hikers along this trek. This is because the rainforest on Mount Batukaru is Bali’s largest wetland, so for conservation purposes the number of trekkers is limited.

The dense rainfall combined with the fertile volcanic soil makes the rainforest a lush haven for a variety of wildlife including leaf-eating Macaque monkeys, small deer known as Kijang and Pangolin ant eaters. The rainforest is also the habitat of the famous Luwak which, through its digestive process, produces Kopi Luwak coffee, the world’s most expensive roasted coffee.

The ascent to the peak of Mount Batukaru is a challenging nine hour trek traversing unsealed narrow trails shaded by rainforest. Along the way there are sacred mountain temples which are open to visitors. Arriving at the summit, you will be rewarded with total serenity with spectacular views overlooking Java, Lombok and Mount Agung.

Whether you climb the mountain to challenge yourself or undertake the trek to immerse yourself in the culture and environment, you will be completely consumed by the natural beauty of Bali.