Bali Resorts Close to Kintamani Volcano

Bali is renowned as a striking holiday destination popular for its relaxed atmosphere, exotic culture and cuisine, fantastic shopping, beautiful beaches and amazing environment and natural attractions. One of its most popular natural attractions is Mount Batur or the Kintamani volcano as it is also known. Thanks to a great range of Bali resorts close to Kintamani Volcano, visiting this breathtaking natural attraction is easy. Allowing you to get up close to a 1,700m active volcano, these Bali resorts close to Kintamani volcano offer a unique and convenient place to stay.

Bali resorts close to Kintamani volcano are located in Ubud, the closest tourist region to the famous Mount Batur caldera, and range from 3 stars to 5 stars. A majestic region renowned for its amazing natural environment and attractions such as Lake Batur and of course the 1,500m above sea level active volcano of Mount Batur. A popular attraction with tourists from all over the world, no holiday to Bali is complete without visiting the world famous Kintamani volcano and with these Bali resorts close to Kintamani volcano, you'll always be within 40 minutes to an hour of this amazing attraction.

Elephant Safari Park & Lodge is located just 40 minutes from Mount Batur, 20 minutes of the main town of Ubud and offers the rare and unique opportunity to stay and play with almost 30 Sumatran elephants. Beji Ubud Resort is approximately 50 minutes from Kintamani volcano and enjoys a tranquil position at the convergence of the Cerik and Oos Rivers. Komaneka at Tanggayuda is located about 55 minutes from Mount Batur and offers stylish accommodation in the village of Kediwatan. Located approximately 1 hour from Kintamani volcano, The Royal Pita Maha offers luxury accommodation on 12 hectares of land that descends to the Ajung River.

For the most unique and convenient way to stay in Bali and visit its famous natural attractions such as the Mount Batur caldera, you can't go past these Bali resorts close to Kintamani volcano.