Japan Weather & Climate

Japan’s weather and climate features four distinct seasons, something which the local Japanese seem to be quite proud of. Depending on the experience you’re after, each season offers its own unique conditions and attractions however, the best time to visit Japan is generally spring or autumn when the weather is fine and mild.

Spring from March to May is perhaps one of the very best times to visit Japan as temperatures are pleasantly warm without being too hot, with daytime temperatures ranging between 21C to 26C. The weather is fine with little rain and from March to April, the landscape is awash with colour as the famous Cherry Blossoms bloom and festivals are celebrated.

Summer from June to August begins with heavy rainfall which turns the country into a steam bath with temperatures as high as 35C and extreme humidity. If you plan on visiting Japan during the summer weather, northern areas such as Hokkaido or the mountains of Tohoku or Chubu are the most comfortable places to escape the heat. The best thing about summer however is the fantastic firework shows and festivals.

Autumn from September to November is also a wonderful time to visit Japan with the weather much more tolerable than in summer. The days are commonly fair and the landscape turns to rich autumn shades which are almost as impressive as the stunning cherry blossoms. However, visitors to Japan in autumn should be aware that this is also typhoon season in parts of southern Japan which can bring things to a standstill so plan accordingly.

Winter from December to February is a magical time to visit as the landscape is turned white with snow. It’s the perfect time to go skiing or check out the hot springs however visitors should be aware that it does get very cold and some areas can receive quite heavy snow or freezing wind blasts from Siberia. Okinawa is a great place to visit during the winter as it is not quite as cold as the rest of Japan’s weather. Temperatures in winter generally range from -4C up to 21C in some warmer parts.

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Japan Annual Average Climate

Averages Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (mm) 50 70 100 120 140 170 130 140 210 190 90 50
Temp (°C) 5 6 8 13 18 21 25 27 23 17 12 8
Min Temp (°C) 1 2 5 10 14 18 21 23 20 14 9 4
Max Temp (°C) 8 9 12 17 22 24 27 30 26 20 16 11

Japan Annual Average Temperature Graph (°C)

Japan Annual Average Rainfall Graph (mm)