Greece Weather & Climate

Although it is only relatively small in size, Greece’s climate is varied but can be generally classified as a Mediterranean climate even along the coast. Summers are dry and hot with about 7 months of almost constant sunshine usually between April and November. The rest of the year is generally much cooler and sees a period of rainfall from November until the end of March or beginning of April. Occasional showers do occur during summer however they are brief and are uncommon. The Ionian Coast and Islands generally receive more rainfall than the rest of Greece with parts of the southeastern mainland and southern Aegean Greek Islands drier than the rest of the country.

Greece’s best weather is from May to June and September to October when it is pleasantly warm and the northern meltémi winds provide a cooling breeze. However from about mid-July to mid-August temperatures rise and the sun can be very strong so heavy or outdoor activity is generally avoided, particularly from 1pm to 5pm. The morning is the best time to go sightseeing while the afternoon is the perfect time to retire for a bite to eat and some cool drinks on the beach. Although most tourists arrive in summer to enjoy the warm weather and beaches, the off season during November to February is also a great time to visit as temperatures are mild and the country is far less busy, however it’s not exactly beach weather either.

Although most of the country operates under a Mediterranean climate, there are also two other climate systems that are present in Greece including the cooler Alpine climate and the interior Continental climate. The Alpine climate in present in the mountainous areas and high-altitude valleys of Greece’s interior while the Continental climate can be found in the interiors of northeastern and north-central Greece which sees these areas experience very cold winter weather and warmer, more humid conditions in summer.

Greece Weather Forecast


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Greece Annual Average Climate

Averages Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (mm) 90.7 77.7 65.1 42.5 29.1 15.1 9.6 11 28 70.6 93.9 106.3
Temp (°C) 8.7 9.3 11.3 14.7 19.2 23.6 25.9 25.7 22.5 18 13.7 10.4
Min Temp (°C) 5.2 5.5 7 9.7 13.5 17.4 19.8 19.8 17.1 13.6 9.9 7
Max Temp (°C) 12.4 13 15.2 18.8 23.5 28.1 30.4 30.4 27.2 22.3 17.6 13.9

Greece Annual Average Temperature Graph (°C)

Greece Annual Average Rainfall Graph (mm)