England Weather & Climate

Although England weather is often stereotyped as being rainy and cold, it’s certainly not as bad as rumour would have you believe. The temperature rarely gets very hot or very cold and although the country does get its fair share of rain, London alone actually has an annual rainfall lower than Paris, Sydney and New York. The western and northern areas of England are generally wettest due to prevailing northwest winds that draw cool moist air down from the North Atlantic while the warmer, sunnier areas are most often found further south and in the south east.

Winter and Autumn are the seasons that usually experience the wettest conditions with the climate being a little unpredictable as it can change often. In the north and west in particular, cold winds from the Artic begin to arrive around this time. Spring is very similar and although the days are warmer and sunnier, a hot day of sunshine can just as easily be followed by a cold week of rain. Occasionally there will be snow as late as may in parts of northern England however snow is very rare in the southeast.

In the south, Summer is pleasantly warm with average temperatures ranging from 18-23°C. Between May and September the weather really warms up, particularly in London and parts of south east England where temperatures can reach up to 30°C. While Central Europe is known for its distinct and more extreme seasons, England is surrounded by water and therefore experiences milder conditions caused by the North Atlantic Drift. Despite its reputation, England rarely experiences weather below freezing or prolonged snowfall. Only very occasionally are roads and rail services disrupted by snowfall and even then, it doesn’t take much to cause delays, particularly on public transport such as rail.

England Weather Forecast


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England Annual Average Climate

Averages Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (mm) 61.1 44.2 44.2 42.4 45.9 48.1 53.6 59.2 54.4 65.1 65.5 62.8
Temp (°C) 4.1 4.2 6.1 8.2 11.3 14.2 16.3 16.1 13.8 10.5 6.9 4.6
Min Temp (°C) 1.6 1.4 2.9 4.3 7.2 10 12.1 12 10 7.3 4.2 2.1
Max Temp (°C) 6.9 7.2 9.7 12.3 15.7 18.5 20.7 20.6 17.9 14 9.9 7.3

England Annual Average Temperature Graph (°C)

England Annual Average Rainfall Graph (mm)